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Retrieve Normality Retree the Earth

Dams, Daily Worldwide Earthquake Surges and Reforestation
Betting big on hydropower in modern civilisation or harmoniously growing trees truthfully
13 April 2011
Dear Fellow Earth Residents:
Have you heard of surge tanks in hydroelectric power plants? They are provided to minimise the impact on hydro pipes and valves so they do not fracture and cause catastrophic surges to residents downstream and to the power house structures. But the designers could not fortell transboundary effects of dams in the ferocious World Hydrological Cycles every day of every year: Worldwide Earthquakes ! The dams cause a daily changing surge wave of water head pressure of 30 to 1200 km/sec to occur at the centre of gravity of water masses behind the Indian dams alone. What about the cumulative effects of Worldwide dams? During the dry season 15km/sec surge occurs in India at the center of gravity of reservoirs when water is withdrawn uniformly from the dams. But this is rarely the case. Many dams operate in an all or nothing manner causing huge surges on a daily basis. See unequivocal proof of this cause- dams, effect Daily Worldwide Earthquakes in Daily effects are zoomed in for the three years 2008 to 2011 at
See what the glaring lacuna has resulted in at Fukushima:
During the predam era and prior to cutting down of the forests by the invading barbarians-read imperialists of every hue, the great Indian forests provided just this ameliorating effect of the surge tank in the form of the sun, the osmosis through the roots of the plants and the transpiration during the day and gentle release of groundwaters by the roots during the night! The rains were carried deep interior not only by the ocean-land pressure difference and the Coriolis component force of the whirling earth, but supplemented effectively by forest action- transpiration, cloud supplement with the atmospheric water distribution network of the dense forest, rains and so on so the monsoon waters were used by the ecological network again and again-recycling nutritious waters 5 to six times during every monsoon bout without catastrophic surges.
The World leaders would do well to heed nature and protect the sacred rights of life to live and enjoy nature's bounty than dish out daily surges of worldwide earthquakes. Japan and China and the Globe would be immensely benefitted because worldwide earthquakes caused by dams would be considerably reduced! They can instead finance people's cooperatives to reforest India and the World analogously- finance the infinitely superior dams -the forest reverdure than the hydroelectricks. The cooperatives would ironically use the waters provided by existing dams for the purpose. After sufficient forest density has been regenerated: No more dammed surges, no more daily worldwide quakes caused by dams but all life all enjoying nature's bounty FOR ALL TIME.
See also
for details of reforesting Mother Earth.
Enjoy forests. See

R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power),Negentropist,Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal,299,Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk,Mumbai-400007.
© 2011 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

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